Welcome to BFT Systems

Everyone has computer problems and issues, some more than others but we've all been there. Who can you trust when it comes to restoring your computer's health to the way it used to be?

BFT Systems specializes in computer repair and customer service. My name is Brett Tafel, and I am the owner of BFT Systems. I created this project to help people understand that not all computer repair companies are hard to deal with. I worked for a great computer repair company that was fair with prices and had honest, friendly customer service. This is the premise for BFT Systems. Honest customer service with a smile, while not digging too deep into your wallets.

I specialize in computer repair, but I can also help you with your network at your home and office. I build custom computers and offer low price diagnosis for all computer issues. You can rest assured that your important data on your laptop or desktop is in the right hands.